Lynn Viehl Quotes.

11. "You're a quiet, beautiful woman in a loud, ugly place. An orchid among weeds. You define obvious."
- Lynn Viehl, Stay the Night

12. "He had even read Pride and Prejudice--although he had thought that many of the heroine's problems would have been solved if someone had simply strangled her mother."
- Lynn Viehl, Private Demon

13. "Thierry had no idea why they were called French doors. His native countrymen weren't stupid enough to put them in their homes."
- Lynn Viehl, Private Demon

14. "No battle was ever won by wholly sane men."
- Lynn Viehl, Private Demon

15. "Alex watched the severed head fall and the body slump over. 'I'm not reattaching that. Just FYI."
- Lynn Viehl, Private Demon

16. "They forbade me to leave the island. He brushed my hair back from my forehead. I thought it would be better if I stayed away, but I was wrong. Without you, I was lonely and miserable and empty. Every night I could think of nothing but you. I know exactly what you mean I saw one of the zookeepers peering into the bushes. They’re coming. You should go. No. he put his arms around my waist. I’m not going to leave you again."
- Lynn Viehl, After Midnight

17. "Do you know what a tre vie is, Juliana?"
- Lynn Viehl, Worthy

18. "Showing up underdressed is as smart as standing in the marketplace and shouting you've become an agent for the crown." "I'd hang myself first. I hate being a female." "Well until you sprout a beard and cock there you are."
- Lynn Viehl, Her Ladyship's Curse

19. "You have superpowers. I don't have supernerves so don't get on them."
- Lynn Viehl, Twilight Fall

20. "I am going down first. Of course you're going down first, you're the guy."
- Lynn Viehl, Twilight Fall

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