Pagan Kennedy Quotes.

1. "We talk about certain statements as having a ring of truth to them, as if a sentence is a tuning fork, something that we can tap and listen to for its tone. And I think that’s right. Truth has a hum to it. You can tell."
- Pagan Kennedy, The Dangerous Joy of Dr. Sex and Other True Stories

2. "Though we possess the brainpower, the talent, and the tools to solve our most worrying problems, it's enormously difficult to organize ourselves around the big questions."
- Pagan Kennedy, Inventology: How We Dream Up Things That Change the World

3. "She'd spent years trying to explain herself to me (and I to her), but in the end, it had all been for nothing. I could recite her memories, but I could not feel them. She was another country, and I would never travel there."
- Pagan Kennedy, Confessions of a Memory Eater