Patricia Kay Quotes.

1. "Listen to your heart, it speaks, hear its words"
- Patricia Kay, Gentleman Companion Two

2. "You might resent your brother, you might even hate him at times. But in the end, he was your brother.   For"
- Patricia Kay, His Best Friend

3. "Pride won’t comfort you when you’re sad. Pride won't keep you warm on winter nights. Pride won’t give you babies and a family of your own."
- Patricia Kay, Home for Christmas

4. "You can't read all the time."
- Patricia Kay, For Services Rendered

5. "those stupid tears to well again. You're being ridiculous, you know that, don't you? You just met this guy. He can't possibly mean that much to you already. But he did! He did. She knew both her mother and Lark had been right to caution her against jumping into anything, but where Sam was concerned, Amy could no more stop"
- Patricia Kay, With This Ring

6. "headed for her bedroom and her closet. Her whole future rested"
- Patricia Kay, With This Ring

7. "head, and then"
- Patricia Kay, With This Ring