Richard Laymon Quotes.

1. "Now you got us whammied with the curse of squirmy death."
- Quote by Richard Laymon

2. "Horror writers are specialists in the worst-case scenario."
- Quote by Richard Laymon

3. "The earth is a far a better place, now that she's beneath it."
- Quote by Richard Laymon

4. "It was a hideous ancient thing that stood on tiger feet in the middle of the floor. Like a showpiece. And he did enjoy showing it. He would bring his friends upstairs to the master bathroom so that they could admire the monstrosity while he told them the whole long boring story of how he’d gotten it at an estate sale in Hollywood. Some bimbo actress from the silent-screen days had supposedly slit her wrists while she was in the thing. ‘Cashed in her chips,’ Harold liked to say. ‘In this very tub."
- Richard Laymon, Hotter Blood: More Tales of Erotic Horror

6. "That sounds cool, Chad said."
- Richard Laymon, Darkness

7. "next week we have a bunch of horror writers coming from all over the world. That'll be one whole week, fully catered, and pre-paid bar. Those horror writers drink like fshes. Just their beer bill's gonna pay for the upkeep of this place for six months. Motel business is a great business to be in, my boy."
- Richard Laymon, The Glory Bus

8. "window. All the ruckus, of course, woke up everyone in the house. Lilly's room was right up there." She"
- Richard Laymon, Beast House

9. "Wielding a hammer, however, you’re at the very heart of the experience, being flooded with wonderful sensations that simply can’t be yours if you use a firearm. Now, you might be asking yourself how I came to discover the splendors of hammer attack. I’ll tell you. You won’t want to hear it, though."
- Richard Laymon, The Museum of Horrors

10. "Killing, resurrecting, living with a zombie. Even if she could accept all that,"
- Richard Laymon, Resurrection Dreams

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