Robert Rankin Quotes.

1. "What's that, Barry?' 'Nothing, chief!"
- Quote by Robert Rankin

2. "What is believed to be a fact is only a fact until another fact supersedes it. Science is only a fashion. Nothing more."
- Robert Rankin, The Book of Ultimate Truths

3. "It was joy, joy, happy joy. Happy, happy joy. A big fat smiley sun rose above the rooftops and beamed down its blessings onto the borough known as Brentford."
- Robert Rankin, Web Site Story

4. "Schadenfreude."
- Robert Rankin, Snuff Fiction

5. "Omally, as ever, slept the sleep of the just, which was quite unjust of him, considering he had no right to do it."
- Robert Rankin, East of Ealing

6. "This is not the way things are done in Boy’s Own Adventure books. I recall no mentions of homosexual gang-rape and cannibalism"
- Robert Rankin, Retromancer

7. "Need to get to Ruislip by sparrow-fart though', said the squadron leader. 'Think you can do that? Can I come along for the ride?"
- Robert Rankin, Retromancer

8. "Her hair was simply red and her coat was deacon blue."
- Robert Rankin, Retromancer

9. "- It's a small matter, but one which I think shouldn't be overlooked. - Oh Yes? And that is? - That is the simple matter that time travel is an impossibility, you craven buffoon! - Not with the latest miracle of modern horticulture...Gentlemen, please allow me to introduce you to THE TIME SPROUT ! 'Pleased to be here' said the vegetable in question."
- Robert Rankin, Armageddon: The Musical

10. "H. G. Wells once said that every word of which a man is ignorant represents an idea of which he is ignorant."
- Robert Rankin, Armageddon: The Musical

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