Sherryl Woods Quotes.

12. "He came to talk to you, Jenny"
- Sherryl Woods, Flowers on Main

13. "Interest sparked in Jess’s eyes. Then"
- Sherryl Woods, Flowers on Main

14. "touch. If I can’t find you on my own, I have two brothers who are"
- Sherryl Woods, The Delacourt Scandal

16. "Decaf, she added quickly. Good"
- Sherryl Woods, The Christmas Bouquet

17. "I’d like to see one of those classroom cops stay objective when they find a kid’s blood splattered all over the sidewalk in front of her own house. It never gets any easier, does it? I don’t think it’s supposed to, Walker said. If we get used to it, we’re as bad as they are."
- Sherryl Woods, About That Man

18. "We have the here and now, Ryan said. In the end, that’s all any of us have. The past is over, if not forgotten, and hating’s a waste of time and energy. The future’s out there, and the way it goes depends on what we do today. Maggie taught me that."
- Sherryl Woods, The Devaney Brothers: Michael and Patrick: Michael's Discovery\Patrick's Destiny

19. "Woods brings a deft touch to untangling very complicated family ties! The moment Amanda defied her rich and powerful father to marry Bobby O’Leary, Big Max disowned her. Even now, with Bobby dead and Amanda mired in debt, he refuses to forgive her. But Caleb, the new man in Amanda’s life, is determined to mend fences between"
- Sherryl Woods, Waking Up In Charleston

20. "The man can kiss like it's an Olympic event and he's going for the gold."
- Sherryl Woods, Swan Point

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