Spider Robinson Quotes.

21. "Am I finally addressing a sentient being?"
- Spider Robinson, Variable Star

22. "...one of the secret masters of the world: a librarian. They control information. Don't ever p**s one off."
- Spider Robinson, The Callahan Touch

23. "...I know good design when I fail to trip over it."
- Spider Robinson, Callahan's Secret

24. "Sexual intercourse vests no property rights."
- Spider Robinson, Callahan's Secret

25. "Your diet must be about fifty-fifty, carrots and locoweed," Annie said softly. He froze. "I can't figure out what in the name of God's labia majora you think you're doing...but I'm impressed by how well you're doing it in the dark. You must have eyes like a cat."
- Spider Robinson, The Free Lunch

26. "Annie clouded up. For a second, he thought she was going to erupt, and flinched. She saw that...and got control of herself with an visible effort. She took three deep breaths, each longer than the last, and her features became serene. All at once it seemed totally clear to Mike that she was right and he was nuts - that his ingenius theory was nonsense, childish, fantasty bullshit. His conviction evaporated, and he was ashamed. He felt his cheeks grow hot, groped for words with which to backtrack - "I have to admit I have no better explanation for the the facts," Annie said slowly. Again, Mike did an emotional instant 180. "Holy shit -" She held up a hand. "I am going to think now. Very hard, for a long time. You will be as quiet as possible while I do." She got up from the computer, went to the bed, and lay down. "Think yourself, or read, or play games with the headphones on, or go Topside if you like." She clasped her hands on her belly, closed her eyes and appeared to go to sleep"
- Spider Robinson, The Free Lunch

27. "We did make use, from time to time, of candles, neckties, scarves, shoelaces, a little water-color paintbrush, her hairbrush, butter, whipped cream, strawberry jam, Johnson’s Baby Oil, my Swedish hand vibrator, a fascinating bead necklace she had, miscellaneous common household items, and every molecule of flesh that was exposed to air or could be located with strenuous search."
- Spider Robinson, User Friendly

28. "Corinne told us that revolution was brewing in the hills to the north, under the leadership of a man named Miranda, who with absurd inevitability had styled himself El Supremo."
- Spider Robinson, Callahan's Crosstime Saloon (Callahan's Place Trilogy

29. "She was black and a woman and scarred, and as the thought formed in our minds we realized that it was a redundancy. Her scar was visible externally, was all."
- Spider Robinson, Callahan's Crosstime Saloon (Callahan's Place Trilogy

30. "Some guys step on a rake in the dark, and get mad and go punch somebody. Others step on a rake in the dark and fall down laughing at themselves. I know which kind of guy I'd rather be. So do my friends."
- Spider Robinson, Callahan's Crosstime Saloon

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