Stephie Davis Quotes.

1. "He slipped his hands around my waist and pulled me against him, tossing the ice cream cone over his shoulder. It landed with a splat on the sidewalk. "So does that mean I have a varsity girlfriend?" I giggled like a total girl and linked my hands behind his neck. "Yeah I guess it does." "Sweet." Then he bent his head, and I stood up on my tiptoes and we met in the middle. And it was perfect."
- Quote by Stephie Davis

2. "There’s a reason I always look nice when I go to work. I kept a scowl on my face while she hustled me upstairs. Because you’ll get fired if you look like a slob? Because, my little grouch, it makes me feel better on the inside if I like how I look on the outside."
- Stephie Davis, The Boyfriend Game

3. "Forget boys and read a good book. Or study. When you're twenty-five and ranking in the big bucks, men will be falling all over you're a successful professional woman."
- Stephie Davis, Putting Boys on the Ledge