T. Jefferson Parker Quotes.

1. "I miss being young. I miss being young and strong. Young and fast. Young and in love. Nothing like it. Old love is good, too. But you get the feeling that the world mainly just wants you out of the way."
- T. Jefferson Parker, California Girl

2. "There's a stream that trickles through all of us. It's always there. It's evil and we know this, so we force it to mix with the larger river inside us. We let it be consumed by the greater flow of good. But when the good in the river runs dry and there isn't enough of it to dilute the stream, then the stream flows faster and harder, uncontrolled, and it finally floods one life, then another, then another. And it's always the innocent who are easiest to pull down. It's always the innocent who are standing there on the banks and looking in, curious and trusting and sometimes, maybe, even a little brave."
- T. Jefferson Parker, Where Serpents Lie

3. "vertiginous wall, looking back to the big cylinder"
- T. Jefferson Parker, Little Saigon

4. "not from her dress. Possibly a sweater or outergarment of some kind,"
- T. Jefferson Parker, Red Light

5. "car, a late-model van and a bright red BMW convertible."
- T. Jefferson Parker, Red Light

6. "No man has seen God. No man has seen Lucifer. No man that I've ever talked to! It's just a useful way of looking at the world. And seeing into it."
- T. Jefferson Parker, Iron River