Thomas E. Sniegoski Quotes.

1. "The Assassin the midst the deadly druid Fury the shattering"
- Thomas E. Sniegoski, Walking In the Midst of Fire

2. "Marlowe lay on the floor nearby, the black Labrador’s brown, soulful eyes locked upon his master’s still body."
- Thomas E. Sniegoski, A Deafening Silence In Heaven

3. "Told ya you were special."
- Thomas E. Sniegoski, The Fallen

4. "What was a surprise was when the dog answered his question. 'Want to play ball now,' Gabriel [the dog] declared in a very clear and precise voice. Aaron opened his eyes and gazed up into the grinning face of the animal. There was no doubt now. The day's descent into madness was complete. He was, in fact, losing his mind."
- Thomas E. Sniegoski, The Fallen

5. "'Shotgun!' he bellowed, startling them as he scrambled to the front, passenger-side door. Camael looked at him, an expression of confusion on his goateed face. 'What did you Say?' 'I said shotgun,' Gabriel [the dog] explained. 'It's what you're supposed to say when you want to ride in the front seat.' Aaron could not help but laugh. No matter how many conversations he had had with the animal, Gabriel's increased intelligence still managed to surprise him."
- Thomas E. Sniegoski, The Fallen

6. "You want to know about the place called Hell?" he asked the curious animal. "There is no Hell," he said. "Hell is in here." He touched the raw, pink skin of his chest with the tips of his fingers. "And it will forever brun inside me for what I have done."
- Thomas E. Sniegoski, Aerie

7. "The sound of you, it offends me. Abomination, I command you to be silent."
- Thomas E. Sniegoski, The Fallen and Leviathan

8. "He's got gas," Aaron explained, his voice muffled by the hand still over his face. "It happens when he eats stuff he's not supposed to." "It's vile," Camael said, glaring at the dog. "Something should be done so that it never happens again."
- Thomas E. Sniegoski, The Fallen and Leviathan

9. "The sudden urge to join the fray was intoxicating. Aaron Corbet"
- Thomas E. Sniegoski, The Fallen and Leviathan

10. "You've got to use it, the pain. Use it as fuel to move past the torment, to the light at the end of the tunnel"
- Thomas E. Sniegoski, Aerie and Reckoning

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