X.J. Kennedy Quotes.

1. "Here lies resting, out of breath, Out of turns, Elizabeth Whose quicksilver toes not quite Cleared the whirring edge of night."
- Quote by X.J. Kennedy

2. "I like poems where you don't really know whether to laugh or cry when you read them."
- Quote by X.J. Kennedy

3. "I’d be glad to go out on a limb with those Who want nothing beyond what the wind bestows, Were I not bound to roots, dug in deep to bear Never being done grasping for light and air"
- X.J. Kennedy, Dark Horses: New Poems

4. "Trying their wings once more in hopeless flight: Blind moths against the wires of window screens. Anything. Anything for a fix of light. X. J. Kennedy, "Street Moths," The Lords of Misrule"
- X.J. Kennedy, The Lords of Misrule: Poems 1992–2001