The Cutting Room Quotes.

1. "Sometimes we don’t see what it is we don’t want to see."
- Jilliane Hoffman, The Cutting Room

2. "People have died for love, they have lied and cheated and parted from those who loved them in turn. Love has slammed doors on fortunes, made bad man from heroes and heroes from libertines. Love has corrupted, cured, depraved and perverted. It is the remedy, the melody, the poison and the pain. The appetite, the antidote, the fever and the flavour. Love Kills. Love Cures. Love is a bloody menace. Oh, but it's fun while it lasts."
- Louise Welsh, The Cutting Room

3. "John had said McKindless would be revealed through his library, but John was a bookseller; he formed his opinion of everyone through their books."
- Louise Welsh, The Cutting Room

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