The Road Home Quotes.

31. "Who uses crunchy peanut butter? he asked the room. You might as well eat squirrel shit."
- Michael Thomas Ford, The Road Home

32. "I don’t know why anyone wants to get married," said Burke. "I think the whole thing was cooked up by lawyers so they can get rich off of divorce."
- Michael Thomas Ford, The Road Home

33. "It’s a plant." Burke’s father stared at the laptop’s screen, peering over his glasses at the photos as Burke brought them up. "It’s not just a plant, Ed," Lucy said, looking at Burke and shaking her head. "It’s about the feeling of the image." Burke’s father snorted. "Well, it feels like a plant." He turned to his son. "I’m not saying it’s not pretty. But it’s a plant."
- Michael Thomas Ford, The Road Home

34. "On Christmas morning, Rebecca lost her moral virginity, her sense of humor - and her two best friends. But, other than that, it was a hell of a holiday."
- Ellen Emerson White, The Road Home

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