The Winter People Quotes.

11. "we all do what we think is best. Sometimes we make terrible mistakes, sometimes we do the right thing. Sometimes we never know. We just have to hope"
- Jennifer McMahon, The Winter People

12. "She’d carried him home, pulled the buckshot pellets out of him, stitched him up, and nursed him back to health. He’d been by her side ever since. He was lucky you found him, I said after hearing the story. Luck had nothing to do with it, Auntie told me. He and I were meant for one another. I never saw such devotion in a dog—or any animal, for that matter. His wounds had healed, but the buckshot left him blind in his right eye, which was milky white. His ghost eye, Auntie called it. He came so close to death, he’s got one eye back there still, she explained. I loved Buckshot, but I hated that milky-white moon that seemed to see everything and nothing all at once."
- Jennifer McMahon, The Winter People

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