a big gun Quotes

1. "When the wolf is at your door, it's best to have a big gun."
- Richard Greener, The Lacey Confession

2. "One of the comforts of firing a big gun during a siege must be the satisfaction of watching the results at long range. Inside a tank or behind an M107, a smudge of smoke against a building can be marked off against a map coordinate. The blood and shattered bones at the other end of the trajectory have no physical contact with the gun. But Randal and I were driving towards the other end of the trajectory, back to west Beirut, where the casualty statistics marked the other side of the concave mirror through which armies fight their wars."
- Quote by Robert Fisk

3. "Tell me what you want me to do, Gary said almost eagerly. He was sick of bullies pushing him around. You are going to walk in by yourself and fish for as much information as you can get before they try to kill you, Gregori answered. Try. I hope that’s the operative word, Gary said nervously. Try to kill me. You will not have to worry about yourself, Gregori informed him, his voice utterly confident. But it is necessary that the police do not come looking for you. That means no dead bodies in your room. Right, messy. If I have vampires and nut cases from the society hunting me, we don’t need the cops, too, Gary admitted. He was sweating now, his palms so wet he kept rubbing them on his jeans. Do not worry so much. Gregori flashed a smile meant to reassure, the one that left vivid images of open graves. I will be with you every step of the way. You might even have fun playing Rambo. He had a big gun, Gary pointed out. ’ m going up there with my bare hands. I think it might be pertinent"
- Christine Feehan, Dark Magic