blind as a bat Quotes

1. "Love doesn't think like that. All right, it's blind as a bat--' 'Bats have radar. Yours doesn't seem to be working."
- Iris Murdoch, The Sea

2. "We have flattered ourselves by inventing proverbs of comparison in matter of blindness,--"blind as a bat," for instance. It would be safe to say that there cannot be found in the animal kingdom a bat, or any other creature, so blind in its own range of circumstance and connection, as the greater majority of human beings are in the bosoms of their families. Tempers strain and recover, hearts break and heal, strength falters, fails, and comes near to giving way altogether, every day, without being noted by the closest lookers-on."
- Helen Hunt Jackson, Ramona

3. "I think of Jeremy telling me I had to be ruthless to be a writer. And I think how I did not go visit my brother and sister and my parents because I was always working on a story and there was never enough time. (But I didn’t want to go either.) There never was enough time, and then later I knew if I stayed in my marriage I would not write another book, not the kind I wanted to, and there is that as well. But really, the ruthlessness, I think, comes in grabbing onto myself, in saying: This is me, and I will not go where I can’t bear to go—to Amgash, Illinois—and I will not stay in a marriage when I don’t want to, and I will grab myself and hurl onward through life, blind as a bat, but on I go! This is the ruthlessness, I think."
- Elizabeth Strout, My Name Is Lucy Barton

4. "They say you are as blind as a bat, and too vain to wear spectacles, the voice beside her announced. Clarissa blinked in surprise. But if she was taken aback by his bluntness, she suspected she was no more so than the speaker himself. She heard a small gasp of breath as he finished, as if he’d just realized what he’d said. A quick glance to the side showed that he’d raised his hand as if to cover his mouth. I am sorry; I have obviously been too long out of society. I should never have— Oh, bother. Clarissa waved his apology away and sank back in her seat with a dejected sigh. ’Tis all right. I do know what people are saying. They seem to think that I am deaf as well as clumsy, for they do not worry about saying things in front of me—or at least behind their fans—loudly enough for me to hear. Making a face, she mimicked, ‘Oh look, there she is, poor thing—Clumsy Clarissa.’ I am sorry, her companion said quietly. Clarissa waved his words away again, only this time noting the way he"
- Lynsay Sands, Love Is Blind

5. "she had dark chestnut hair, a heart-shaped face, large wide eyes, full lips…and appeared about as miserable as he’d ever seen a young woman, a state he suspected had something to do with the older woman at her side. His gaze slid over the matron. Well-rounded with dark hair, she was pretty despite the bloom of youth being gone—or she would be if she weren’t wearing a pursed, dissatisfied expression as she surveyed the activity in the ballroom. Adrian glanced back to the girl. First season? he queried, his curiosity piqued. Yes. Reg looked amused. Why is no one dancing with her? A beauty such as this should have had a full card. No one dares ask her—and you will not either, if you value your feet. Adrian’s eyebrows rose, his gaze turning reluctantly from the young woman to the man at his side. She is blind as a bat and dangerous to boot, Reg announced, nodding when Adrian looked disbelieving. Truly, she cannot dance a step without stomping on your toes and falling about. She cannot"
- Lynsay Sands, Love Is Blind