chief Quotes

2. "The Chief nodded. He"
- Louise Penny, The Beautiful Mystery

3. "Dromtönpa, Atiśa’s chief disciple,"
- Thupten Jinpa, Mind Training: The Great Collection

4. "What's that, Barry?' 'Nothing, chief!"
- Quote by Robert Rankin

5. "Won’t Work. Apple’s former chief financial officer,"
- Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs

6. "Gratitude is my chief erotic emotion."
- Quote by Edmund White

7. "Marriage is the chief cause of divorce."
- Quote by Groucho Marx

8. "The chief merit of language is clearness."
- Quote by Galen

9. "Chief Deputy US Marshal Zach McBride."
- Pamela Clare, Barely Breathing

10. "The chief cause of problems is solutions."
- Quote by Eric Sevareid

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