forest ranger Quotes

1. "If you wanted to greet him or get his attention, you had to say: Oh, Mr. Forest-Ranger-who-stands-in-the-tower-watching-out-for-forest fires! If you abbreviated it, or, heaven help us, addressed him simply as David, you would get no response."
- Katherine Paterson, Stories of My Life

2. "From around the blind curve of the trail, the main appeared. He was tall, built, and armed and dangerous, though not to her physical well-being. Nope, nothing about the tough, sinewy, gorgeous forest ranger was a threat to her body. But Matt Bowers was lethal to her peace of mind."
- Jill Shalvis, At Last

3. "All this, sadly enough, is truer of the more educated, higher-income, professional families. It is here that the competition is the greatest, the expectations most elevated. If the boy would be happier as a telephone linesman or a forest ranger, he is in a hopeless bind. His goals have been set for him by his milieu, and he cannot be his own man; so he simply refuses to play the game. He "does not try."
- Sydney J. Harris, Best of Sydney Harris

4. "She found herself smiling. "Was the big, bad forest ranger scared?" "I stared a fire," he said instead of answering, and the typical guy avoidance of admitting fear made her smile in the dark. "But even after I had a roaring fire, I still felt watched." "What did you do?" His hand was still gliding up and down her back, absently soothing, not-so-absently arousing her further. "I got up and searched the perimeter," he said. "Often. I finally fell asleep holding my gun, and at first light was startled awake by a curious teenage bear." "Oh my God," she said on a horrified laugh. "What happened?" Amusement came into his voice. "I shot the shit out of a tree and scared the hell out of us both. I fell backward off the log I'd fallen asleep on, and the bear did the same. Then we both scrambled to our feet, and he went running off to his mama. If my mama had been anywhere within two thousand miles, I'd have gone running off to her just the same as the bear." -Matt on his first night out as a"
- Jill Shalvis, At Last

5. " from the nearest fellow human, but instead of loneliness I feel loveliness. Loveliness and a quiet exultation. — EDWARD ABBEY AMERICAN FOREST RANGER"
- Dale Salwak, The Wonders of Solitude