la la land Quotes

1. "Maybe she was drunk - the woman never could drink. One little sniff of tequila and she was off into some blonde la-la land."
- P.C. Cast, Divine By Mistake

2. "Hoo-kay, Marnie thought. Whoever this guy was, he’d caught the express train from la-la land and hopped off at weirdsville. And now he was looking around for the platform for his connection to loonytown."
- Elizabeth Bevarly, Express Male

3. "She looks at Sam. 'Close your ears if you don't want to know what I suspect to be the sex of your child,' she says, and he blocks his ears. 'It's Sam's?' Jonesey asks, surprised, just as he gets a message. 'Where have you been, Jonesey?' Bernadette says. 'In La La Land?' 'Contrary to popular belief, I think it has no penis,' Georgie whispers to them while Lucia covers Sam's ears. Jonesey looks up from his text messaging, shocked. 'Poor little guy."
- Melina Marchetta, The Piper's Son