splendor Quotes

1. "Splendor’? What an asshole.     *"
- Rob Loughran, Beautiful Lies

2. "sartorial splendor with a long, speculative survey"
- Dana Stabenow, A Cold Day For Murder

3. "Isolation might be more hazardous than splendor."
- Barbara W. Tuchman, The Proud Tower: A Portrait of the World Before the War

4. "through all the monotony and the splendor of life."
- Winston Graham, Ross Poldark

5. "There is a fearful splendor in absolute desolation."
- Quote by James Baldwin

6. "I want the following word: splendor, splendor is fruit in all its succulence, fruit without sadness. I want vast distances. My savage intuition of myself."
- Clarice Lispector, The Stream of Life

7. "It is neither wealth nor splendor, but tranquility and occupation which give happiness."
- Quote by Thomas Jefferson

8. "It is neither wealth nor splendor; but tranquility and occupation which give you happiness."
- Quote by Thomas Jefferson

9. "It has its dark splendor, to walk the nightmare terrain forever."
- Anne Rice, The Vampire Lestat

10. "His apprehension of splendor was fading so that presently the luxury of eternal mourning would depart."
- F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Love of the Last Tycoon

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