thomas hardy Quotes

1. "That man’s silence is wonderful to listen to. —THOMAS HARDY"
- Renee Baron, What Type Am I?: Discover Who You Really Are

2. "A felicidade não depende do que nos falta, mas sim do bom uso do que temos." Thomas Hardy"
- Quote by Thomas Hardy

3. "«Hablaron muy poco de sus sentimientos mutuos, pues las frases bonitas y las expresiones cálidas eran acaso innecesarias entre amigos tan íntimos.» Thomas Hardy, Lejos del mundanal ruido"
- David Nicholls, Siempre el mismo día

4. "Bitter criticism caused the sensitive Thomas Hardy, one of the finest novelists ever to enrich English literature, to give up forever the writing of fiction. Criticism drove Thomas Chatterton, the English poet, to suicide."
- Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends & Influence People

5. "We late-lamented, resting here, Are mixed to human jam, And each to each exclaims in fear, ‘I know not which I am!’ —Thomas Hardy, The Levelled Churchyard, 1882"
- Deborah Crombie, To Dwell in Darkness

6. "Like Thomas Hardy with his Casterbridge, my own fictional Pennington is based on a well-known English county town, which I embellish with buildings, parks, and houses from my imagination."
- Quote by Catherine George

7. "Stilletos of a frozen stillicide [...] In the lovely line heading this comment the reader should note the last word. My dictionary defines it as 'a succession of drops falling from the eaves, eavesdrop, cavesdrop.' I remember having encountered it for the first time in a poem by Thomas Hardy. The bright frost has eternalized the bright eavesdrop."
- Vladimir Nabokov, Pale Fire

8. "What about fateful turns in your life? Naturalists like Thomas Hardy proposed that some people are simply born under 'a blighted star' like his heroine in Tess of the D'Urbervilles. If so, then no matter what we did, we couldn't improve our lives."
- Roger Leslie, Success Express for Teens: 50 Life-Changing Activities

9. "If 'dead' matter has reared up this curious landscape of fiddling crickets, song sparrows, and wondering men, it must be plain even to the most devoted materialists that the matter of which he speaks contains amazing, if not dreadful, powers, and may not impossibly be, as Thomas Hardy has suggested, 'but one mask of many worn by the Great Face behind."
- Loren Eiseley, The Immense Journey: An Imaginative Naturalist Explores the Mysteries of Man and Nature

10. "Michael Palin : "I am sorry to interrupt you there Dennis, but he's crossed it out. Thomas Hardy here on the first day of his new novel has crossed out the only word he has written so far and he is gazing off into space. Ohh! Oh dear he's signed his name again." Graham Chapman: "It looks like Tess of the D'Urbervilles all over again." - Matching Tie and Handkerchief, "Novel Writing"
- Quote by Graham Chapman

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