vanquished Quotes

1. "Life has vanquished death and even the furniture celebrates."
- Quote by Salman Rushdie

2. "In this realm, evil has vanquished love. - Alítheia"
- Jennifer Donnelly, Sea Spell

3. "Victory carries a moral burden the vanquished never know,"
- Scott Anderson, Lawrence in Arabia: War

4. "She was vanquished, undone, and humiliated that she had moaned."
- Pauline Réage, Story of O: A Novel

5. "What good to conquer an enemy in battle, only to be vanquished by hunger or cold?"
- Dan Millman, The Journeys of Socrates

6. "worries were almost physical beings, leechy creatures with latchhooks for fingers, meant to be vanquished immediately."
- Gillian Flynn, Dark Places

7. "Victory loses its meaning without the memory of what you've vanquished."
- Alastair Reynolds, Chasm City

8. "Into your hands at last I have come vanquished." She obeyed. "Where I know that I must die,"
- Gabriel García Márquez, No One Writes to the Colonel and Other Stories

9. "The study of beauty is a duel in which the artist cries out in terror before being vanquished."
- Charles Baudelaire, Twenty Prose Poems

10. "He knew evil could never be vanquished. It just moved from one place to another and waited."
- Michael Connelly, The Narrows

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